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MarketGauge allows you to effortlessly track Industry Group and Sector rotation to find unlimited opportunities, and easily evaluate them both technically and/or fundamentally with total context and perspective. Perform Top-Down analysis from Sectors to Groups to the Stocks within, then instantly compare these stocks to their peers. Uniquely monitor your Portfolio with our Dual Price/Volume Gauges, or benchmark any stock against its peers and the market with HyperQuote, our unique contextual quote. Our Macro-Analysis tool provides insight into where the market is going by utilizing 37 key market indicators. The MarketGauge graphical user interface is Fully Customizable and can be Licensed for your website. We encourage you to take our Tour or take a Free Trial.

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  • Dataview is an independent software and development firm specializing in providing Microsoft based software solutions for the financial industry. We offer ready to deploy IIS and MS SQL server database website solutions as well as consulting services to build a custom solution to your specifications.

    Dataview specializes in building Microsoft .Net based enterprise solutions that will quickly and easily integrate and grow with your organization and/or customer base.

    All the products and services on this site are examples of what we can do for you. Additionally, Dataview has provided Microsoft based IT consulting and application development for some of the best known financial firms on Wall Street. If you would like to see how we can be your application provider please contact geoff@marketgauge.com.

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    For Sales and Licensing Information contact Geoff Bysshe:
    For Product or Technical Support contact: Info@marketgauge.com
    Mailing Address:
    DataView, LLC
    70 Sparta Ave.
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    Sparta, NJ 07871
    Phone (Toll Free):
    (888) 241-3060 or (973)729-0485

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